A modest tow truck and a nearby access to the newly opened motorway, E5 (later E40). That was all Leo Steps needed to establish Depannage Steps in 1958 and help stranded car drivers out of their distress.

It was the second generation, son Emiel Steps and his spouse Cecile, who decided to invest in a heavy recovery unit to tow trucks and buses. To this day, this niche market constitutes one of the core activities of the towing company.

Today, Depannage Steps is a modern and dynamic family business with around 30 employees, 5 secured warehouses and an extensive fleet of vehicles. Led by Steven Steps, a descendant of the third generation, more than 18,000 interventions are completed annually at home and abroad.


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My car broke down in the middle of the street and I don‘t know what to do. I called "Steps" and the worker Aziz came to me, who was very competent and friendly. He was able to solve my problem quickly and he helped me
Irada Zeinalova 07/02/2024 — 4 months ago
A couple of days ago an employee named Aziz helped us a lot. We were passing through Belgium and our car broke down on the highway. He towed our car very quickly and helped us to get to the nearest hotel!
Mavliud Ismailov 07/02/2024 — 4 months ago
Steven has many expérience thanks to help me. I appreciated. 👏
Osman Korukcu 21/05/2024 — 4 weeks ago
When I Had a problem with my car I called to “STEPS” and Aziz helped me a lot. Wonderful company with good workers. Aziz thank you for the help
Маша Холюсева 07/02/2024 — 4 months ago

Very bad service, very unprofessional employees. My car was scratched from them, then a guy came to "clean it" with his spit and told me that's all he can do. Avoid it !
Petar Karageurov 02/04/2024 — 2 months ago